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Election 2016: Image World (3)

Parading a pathetic ignoramus around as a trophy ill serves the cause of interracial respect. In these consistently benighted performances, which mix superstition with gullibility, we enter into Amos ‘n’ Andy rerun territory, with the joke on anyone who takes Cain or Carson seriously. […]

Ring In the New: 2016

I found watching the video slideshow of NASA’s chosen images for the 1977 Voyagers’ “golden records” a deeply surreal experience. The selection and sequencing strike me as curious, and, if I experience them that way, what would a sentient being with no knowledge of life on this blue marble make of them? […]

2015: That Was The Year That Was

Before and in between the Capa posts, the subjects addressed here this year included the graphic videos and still images of its horrific executions distributed by ISIS/ISIL; painters imitating photographs and photographers imitating paintings; the zombie apocalypse of the early months of the Republic Party’s battle royal for its presidential candidate 2016; the Athens Photo Festival 2015; the degradation of the post-secondary art-education system; the preservation of photographers’ archives; new technological developments in the world of the Internet of Things (IoT); the FHRITP meme; and divers other subjects. […]

Year-End Ends and Odds

For a lad still a tad, who had passed through and adapted himself to three linguistic environments — Manhattan, southern France, London, and then back to Manhattan — in three years, this came as music to the ears. That Joycean play with language, in a form accessible even to a sprat like me, heightened my consciousness in relation to the spoken and written word by making the very act of reading — not the experience of following a story line, but the savoring of language itself, its slipperiness and mutabiity, its multivalent possibilities — fun. […]

Birthday Musings 12/19/15

I left the country just once this year, for the Athens Photo Festival in early June. Aside from that, I left New York City only twice, both times to receive awards — the first at the Society of Professional Journalists dinner at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, on the evening of June 26, for our team’s Capa D-Day project, the second to Philadelphia on November 7 for The Photo Review Award 2015. […]