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Alternate History: Robert Capa on D-Day (22)

I’m pleased and proud to announce that this ongoing investigative project, with its working title of “Alternate History: Robert Capa on D-Day,” has just received the 2014 Society of Professional Journalists Sigma Delta Chi (SDX) Award for Research About Journalism.

As its website indicates, “The Society of Professional Journalists, founded 1909, is a professional organization […]

Guest Post 15: J. Ross Baughman on the NPPA (b)

In the best kinds of journalism today, I always hope that a well-seasoned writer will help his subjects’ points of view to shine through it all. Unfortunately, in this latest exercise from the National Press Photographers Association, Bruce Young and Donald Winslow concentrated too much on their own preconceptions. […]

Guest Post 15: J. Ross Baughman on the NPPA (a)

I provided the National Press Photographers Association with timelines and an A-to-Z list of Capa’s D-Day offenses, expecting that these would be effectively condensed in what editor Donald Winslow described as a major feature story for the very next issue of the magazine. Several of my points survive in the nine-page story they created, certainly one of the longest articles I’ve ever seen the magazine publish during my 40 years as a professional photojournalist. Of course I was deeply disappointed when the thrust of my discoveries was diluted, scattered, and dismissed. […]

Allen A. Dutton Turns 93

The surrealist photocollages of Allen A. Dutton began to circulate in the 1960s, linking him to a cohort in photography that, collectively, challenged the photo establishment’s dictates regarding acceptable subject matter and content while, simultaneously, extending the range of approved craft practices. This put him in the company of Jerry Uelsmann, Les Krims, Arthur Tress, Bea Nettles, and other transgressive spirits expanding the definition of photography. […]

Alternate History: The NPPA and Full Disclosure (Not)

Donald Winslow, Bruce Young, and the NPPA were severely compromised from the outset of their coverage of our research, and consciously chose to make none of that known to the readers of News Photographer. This disregard for the fundamental requirement of full disclosure constitutes a prima facie case of willful breach of journalistic ethics. I therefore demand a full investigation by the NPPA’s Ethics Committee of these severe breaches of journalistic ethics by the organization itself, by its journal of record, by its functionaries, and by the writer commissioned for this article. […]