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Major Series

With some regularity, events, issues, and stories addressed in an initial post at this blog turn into extended inquiries, long-term investigations, or the subjects of recurrent consideration.

I apply WordPress software’s “Categories” and “Tags” functions to all posts, enabling access to and retrieval of them via the “Search the blog” field and the “Categories” menu in the blog’s right-hand column. But it seems sensible to provide index pages for what I deem major stories — those that run to four or more (s0metimes many more) posts.

You’ll find these via this menu’s pages, in reverse chronological order, the most recent first, with brief synopses and links to the index pages where you’ll find summaries of all the related posts and links thereto. I’ve grouped them by the year in which the series began, though some of them stretch into the following year and even beyond.


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