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Wynn Bullock & Harold Feinstein in Beijing

On March 20, 2010, the fourth exhibition that I’ve curated for See+ Artspace/Gallery opened in Beijing. This two-person show comprises cross-sections of the works of Wynn Bullock and Harold Feinstein — 25 images by each photographer on the walls, with an additional 25 by each in the accompanying catalogues. It will run through May 19. While they differ in many fundamental ways, Bullock and Feinstein also have numerous affinities. These reverberations made it more than whimsical to pair them in this exhibition. . . . […]

Polaroid Collection: Update 15

Neither the Musée de l’Elysée in Lausanne nor the Maison Européenne de la Photographie in Paris purchased the works deposited with them by Polaroid in the ’90s. Nor did Polaroid do so with the proviso that the institutions then needed to go find funds with which to acquire them. This adds to the accumulating evidence that, in the ’90s, Polaroid sought to find appropriate repositories for chunks of the collections as donations. […]

The Market Diner Bash Redux

In 1972 photographer Neal Slavin and I organized and hosted an event we named the Market Diner Bash. It constitutes a time capsule of the New York scene circa 1972. Neal and I agree that it’s time to initiate a reunion of the participants in that event. So we have begun plans for The Market Diner Bash Redux, tentatively planned for September 2010. […]

Photocritic International: The Launch

Welcome to the blog Photocritic International. You can access it via the URL, and, as with any blog, you can subscribe to it. I plan to make new postings on a weekly schedule. […]