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Guest Post 21: Q&A with Patrick Jeudy (b)

We agreed to meet Morris for lunch once, him and his “bodyguards.” His issue was in fact our lack of “tact” in the way we cast light on the “Falling Soldier” story. He listened to our arguments. I must say I got a little frustrated, saying that we would fight to the end … my producer was wiser, and conceded. […]

Guest Post 21: Q&A with Patrick Jeudy (a)

Cornell Capa’s intervention, as well as that of ICP’s lawyers, was rather brutal. They sent us threatening injunctions. We soon understood they would do whatever it took to stop us from making the movie. […]

The Image of the Prophet

We kuffar who stand outside the faith do those moderate Muslims no service when, like Ben Affleck and other well-meaning white liberals, we parrot the lie that ISIS/ISIL is not an accurate reflection of Islam, when in fact it represents a fundamentalist form of the faith practiced by people who have studied the Qur’an and the hadiths, and who follow to the letter procedures and plans approved by high-ranking religious figures. It may not be the whole picture, but it’s unquestionably part of it. […]

“The True Meaning of Pictures” (4)

Without exception, my workshop participants at the Penland School of Crafts experienced a profound disconnect between Shelby Lee Adams’s verbal contextualization of his pictures — fairly close to his commentary on them in the Baichwal film and elsewhere — and the photographs themselves. […]

“The True Meaning of Pictures” (3)

About my “belittling,” “infuriating,” and “ignorant” comments on Shelby Lee Adams’s work: These come from about 3 minutes’ worth of film clips in Jennifer Baichwal’s documentary, “The True Meaning of Pictures.” Those clips were extracted from several hours’ worth of interview. Inevitably, much context gets lost in the editing process. Doesn’t mean I don’t stand by what I said — just that these snippets oversimplify what I said. That’s inevitable in such a film, and nothing for which I fault Baichwal. […]