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ADC Coursepacks

Requests for permissions to incorporate texts of mine into coursepacks, supplemental reading lists, and other classroom resources have led me to develop a digital form of targeted publication that any teacher, department, or school can order directly from me. I call these ADC Coursepacks. By the end of 2014 I will make coursepacks available on a wide range of subjects: staged/directorial imagery, documentary, photojournalism, alternative processes, digital media, copyright/intellectual property, issues of criticism and historianship, international photo scene, individual photographers, many more. Titles currently available:

  • Issues in Documentary Photography. (Click on link for table of contents.)

Each coursepack includes:

  • A selection of my writings from 1968 through the present, arranged chronologically.
  • At least one substantial text for each week of the average semester ― 16 chapters. Aproximately 150 pp./50,000 words per coursepack. With multiple links to external sources.
  • Bonus texts included when pertinent and available: classics from the 19th- and early 20th-century literature, other public-domain material.
  • All texts accompanied by author’s introductory note, questions for discussion, basic bibliographic information necessary for citation, footnoting, etc.
  • All texts contained within a single PDF file.
  • Coursepack will include title page with instructor’s name, course title, department, institution, semester/year, and table of contents.
  • All necessary permissions for intranet posting, “fair-use” quotation, printing out of copies by faculty and students (for reading convenience, personal annotation or documentation of sources, etc.), contained explicitly within the PDF file and covered by the licensing fee.
  • Coursepack returned via email (as attachment) within 2 weeks of order placement, with invoice if necessary.
  • Licensing fee covers one semester’s use for one class.
  • Reduced usage fees available for multiple courses or re-orders for subsequent semesters.
  • Orders electronically invoiced with fulfillment. Payment via check or online (Paypal).
  • For an additional fee, I can revise an existing coursepack to match your syllabus, or custom-tailor one from scratch if nothing presently available suits your needs. To send your syllabus and request a price quote via email, click here. (Submit syllabus as email attachment.)
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