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As publisher, editor, and chief author of the material posted here at Photocritic International, I welcome occasional and regular readers and subscribers. I also encourage and welcome your tangible support, in the form of cash donations.

To facilitate this, my sterling webmaster John Alley has installed a simple PayPal donation “widget” on top of the right-hand column on this blog’s pages. Via this you can:

  • Make a one-time donation of USD $5 or more.
  • Make a repeat donation (weekly or monthly) of USD $5 or more.

If you want me to write on a topic other than the current main story (or, conversely, if you want me to continue pursuing that issue), make a donation of $50 via the PayPal widget at the top of the right-hand column of any page of this blog. At your behest, I’ll choose another subject for the next post (or, if you so request, will stick to what’s preoccupying me at that moment), and — if you so indicate in a note accompanying your donation — will credit you as that post’s sponsor, with a link to your website.

Seemes only right to give you some quid pro quo for contributing to the cause.

Your donations will go toward defraying the expenses of maintaining this blog and, if they mount up substantially, toward compensating John Alley for his loyalty and efforts on behalf of my online projects over the past decade-plus.

Thanks in advance for whatever support you can provide. We’ll soldier on, in any case.

— A. D. Coleman

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