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Sponsors & Advertisers

Sponsors & Advertisers

Photocritic International offers sponsors and advertisers a unique online opportunity to reach a constituency with a serious interest in photography and new image technologies: photographers, critics, historians, teachers of photography and their students, and many others.

Photocritic International also serves as part of Photo Education Online (PEO), a consortium of interrelated websites published by A. D. Coleman, all committed to serving the needs of the photo-education community and the broader market of the international audience for photography. The other components of this consortium include:

All four sites are edited by Coleman and published online under the supervision of webmaster John R. Alley.

We accept sponsorship and advertising for all four of these sites, individually and in any combination thereof. For rates and other details, contact A. D. Coleman: adc (at) photocritic (dot) com.

Our Sponsors:

Sprint Systems of Photography logoSprint Systems of Photography: Created by the late Paul Krot, a dedicated photographer and photography teacher, Sprint’s patented liquid chemistry for b&w film and papers pioneered the trend toward microbrew/boutique production of tools, materials, and equipment designed for photo students, photo teachers, and working photographers.


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