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Suggest a Topic

I’m open to suggestions from subscribers. This isn’t a bulletin board for community posting of news and notes, but if you and/or other subscribers want me to host, monitor, and participate in a dialogue on some topic — censorship of photography, the impact of photo festivals on the medium, photo education, whatever — I’m willing to consider those proposals. I’d then post relevant essays I’ve published on that subject, as food for thought and reference points, and supervise the discussion. So feel free to initiate a conversation on any theme that’s urgent to you.

As a protocol, start by emailing me a short sketch of your area of interest: adc [at] photocritic [dot] com. I’ll turn that into the topic of a new post (as I’ve done here), upload some relevant texts if I have any, and add some of my own current thoughts. That post will then become open for topic-specific comments from you and other subscribers.

If you want me to write on a topic other than the current main story (or, conversely, if you want me to continue pursuing that issue), make a donation of $50 via the PayPal widget at the top of the right-hand column of any page of this blog. At your behest, I’ll choose another subject for the next post (or, if you so request, will stick to what’s preoccupying me at that moment), and — if you so indicate in a note accompanying your donation — will credit you as that post’s sponsor, with a link to your website.

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