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Rights & Permissions

All of the material posted in this blog, Photocritic International, is protected by copyright — either in my name, if it’s mine, or (in some cases) in the names of the other authors and photographers who generated it. The same holds true for all material posted here at The Nearby Café: Except for a very small amount of public-domain material, it’s all copyrighted. For the Café’s overall copyright notice, and some links to sources of further information on that subject, click here.

You’re welcome to view and read the material posted here and throughout this site, of course; that’s why we’ve posted it. We encourage you to draw other people’s attention to it by sending them the URLs of particular pages. And the “fair use” exception in the U.S. copyright law allows you to copy and quote brief passages for use (with attribution) in writings of your own — such as scholarly/critical essays, term papers, and other projects. However, please note that the “fair use” rule does not apply to commercial usages of any kind.

Nor does it cover plagiarism — the presentation of someone else’s material under your own name. If you’re a student or teacher, and you’re uncertain about the differences between citation, paraphrasing, and plagiarism, I suggest that you refer to your own educational institution’s guidelines on those matters. If you’re a professional writer, you’re expected to know what behavior constitutes plagiarism; if you don’t, get on the stick, and quick. For anyone who needs it, here’s a link to, which describes itself as “the online resource for educators concerned with the growing problem of Internet plagiarism.”

I take violation of my copyright, and the theft of the intellectual property of others, with great seriousness. The same holds true with plagiarism. I have adopted a zero-tolerance policy on these matters, prosecuting such depradations vigorously and relentlessly, as you’ll see in reviewing the case of the Paul Kopeikin Gallery. I also make a point of publicizing them widely, to keep other predators at bay. I don’t find this process enjoyable in any way, so I make it as unpleasant as possible for those who force me into it.

However, as a working professional writer I regularly license a wide variety of usages of my copyrighted essays and other intellectual property — in books, magazines, CD-ROM compilations, course-packs, press kits, internet and intranet dissemination, and other forms of distribution. Just about anything of mine that interests you — reviews, longer essays, profiles, reportage — is available for licensing, for reasonable fees.

Such arrangements can be made rapidly, efficiently, and affordably through Image/World Syndication Services. The staff at Image/World will gladly assist you in licensing rights to material of mine you find at this website and elsewhere, and will direct you to the copyright holders of any other material posted here that interests you. I urge you to consult with them for all your licensing needs relating to my work.

— A. D. Coleman

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