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Comments: How-to

Some of this blog’s subscribers are new to blogging, so here’s an advisory on participating in any of the discussions.

When you get a post in your email inbox, its title, near the top of the page, is a link to that post at the blog site. At the bottom of that web page you’ll find a “Leave a Reply” box for comments. (If you’re visiting the blog site directly, clicking on the title of any post will take you to the page that includes that post’s Comments box.)

Fill in your name (I require you full name, so that visitors know who’s talking), your email address, and your website URL if you have one. Your email address is required by our blogware for spam prevention; it will remain invisible to all save me, and I won’t abuse it. Your web address will get automatically linked to your name, so that anyone who clicks on it will go to whatever site you designate. This has obvious benefit to you if you have a web presence.

If you simply reply to one of the posts you get in your inbox, via your own email program, you’re sending me a private email directly.

You’re welcome to send me comments privately that way, at adc [at] photocritic [dot] com, or to post them at my Facebook page — where Facebook members will find it, but not my blog’s subscribers. Just be aware that neither of these options gets your response into the blog Comments.

Sometimes, if someone sends me a comment privately via email or comments via Facebook, I find it pertinent and cogent enough to merit posting in the blog. In that event I’ll email the sender for permission to convert it into a blog comment. I’ll never do that without first confirming that the sender agrees to making it public.

In brief, if you have something you’d like to contribute to the discussion, use the Comments thread at the blog.

Anonymous Comments will get trashed unceremoniously. Don’t waste your time, or mine, unless you show the courage of your convictions by putting your real name on your Comment.

Click here for specifics on my editorial policies.

— A. D. Coleman

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