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About Photocritic Int’l

Photocritic International includes:

• Exhibition reviews.

• Book reviews: Photography books and books relevant to the medium, old and new.

• Film reviews. Films relevant to the medium, old and new.

• Event reports. Critical coverage of festivals, conferences, symposia, awards ceremonies, and other happenings.

• Obituaries, reminiscences, polemics and such sparked by current events.

• Periodic posting of “legacy” texts — vintage reviews and other pieces of mine, picked from my archive for their relevance to the present scene.

• And more.

Beyond that, I’m open to suggestions from subscribers.

I expect to post at least twice a week, and will respond to comments as they come in if I have something useful to add to them.

Photocritic International is published by Flying Dragon LLC, a Delaware-based limited-liability corporation.

FTC 16 CFR Part 255 Guidelines: The products that I review at Photocritic International are sometimes provided by the companies, manufacturers, or their marketing partners or representatives. However, I don’t allow this to influence my opinions.

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