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What Others Say

“You are an aging elitist who is trying to proclaim that the reason what you have spent your life doing is no longer relevant has nothing to do with the fact that maybe the world really doesn’t need you anymore, but is obviously due to the decline of contemporary culture.”

—  Natalie Arriola, 2011

“Coleman . . . hasn’t published anything of note for some time; his blog is more a collation of bits and pieces he researches from the web and doesn’t really address photographs per se. The only really interesting thing he’s written on actual photographs, for some time, is the recent ‘conversation’ about Jeff Wall with DLK. Just as an aside, I found it highly amusing when someone asked Coleman if he was intending on writing a critique on the work of Francesca Woodman that his response was that he doesn’t write on student work.”

— Debra Klomp Ching, 2011


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