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You’ll find the most extensive online repository for my work in the Photography Criticism CyberArchive, the deepest online collection of writing about photography by many authors. This site is subscription-based.

  • At the website of Beijing’s See+ Art Space/Gallery, the texts of my curatorial essays for the third project I curated for this gallery, “Light Quartet,” a four-person show of the work of Kate Breakey (English and Chinese), Connie Imboden (English and Chinese), Jerry Spagnoli (English and Chinese), and Robert Stivers (English and Chinese).
  • Also at the See+ Art Space/Gallery’s website, the texts of my curatorial essays for the second project I curated for this gallery, a fall 2008 two-person show of the work of Jerry Uelsmann (English and Chinese) and Maggie Taylor (English and Chinese), titled “Prima Facie/Circumstantial Evidence.”
  • Also at the See+ Art Space/Gallery’s website, the text for the first show I curated for them, the May-June 2008 presentation of “Saga,” Arno Rafael Minkkinen’s retrospective: “‘In the Silver Wildernesses’: Arno Rafael Minkkinen’s Walkabout,” in both English and Chinese.

In various issues of Urban Desires (another e-zine):

Elsewhere in The Nearby Café:

  • In the Café Gallery, “Linda Troeller: TB-AIDS DIARY,” my essay about this germinal 1988 project accompanying the Café’s presentation of it here in its permanent online home. (Originally published in European Photography 11:4, October-December 1990.)
  • Under Island Living in the Travel section, you’ll find my ongoing series of essays about Staten Island culture and politics, and about broader issues as well.
  • In WordWork, in the Literature & Writing section, you’ll find extensive commentary on issues of professional writing, including intellectual property and copyright.
  • And, on the Café’s Op-Ed page in the Politics section, you’ll find my occasional essays on a variety of themes.
  • Poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and trace evidence of other right-brain activity appears in the Villa Florentine section of the Café.

Among his diverse accomplishments and activities, my good friend and long-time colleague Harris Fogel edits Mac Edition Radio, an online site that ranges well beyond its nominal purview of all things Mac/Apple-related. Having watched and encouraged my evolution over the years into someone nearing geekdom in relation to digital technologies, Harris has persuaded me to start applying myself to tech writing. The idiosyncratic results appear (so far) exclusively at Mac Edition Radio, at the links below (most recent first):

• “AppleCare, the Apple Store, ioSafe Solo, and Time Machine Have My Back.” July 2, 2010.

• “Treating Word 2008 for Mac OS X Like You Own It: A Working Writer Streamlines the New Release.” June 22, 2008.

• “FileMaker Pro 9 and an Open-Source Freeware Solution Make a Perfect Match for a Professional Writer!” February 4, 2008.

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