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by Anonymous

medium: flocked cast-plastic body, acrylic hair,
steel straight pins, plastic beads

Museum of Find Arts sculpture

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A slot in the top of its head suggests that this piece is based on a figure intended for use as a child's savings bank. However, the artist has modified the original 7-1/2 inch-high figure extensively around the facial area, using straight pins to add a densely worked beading that evokes both elaborate tribal tattooing/scarification and, in the pink- and red-colored beads used in the cheek and mouth areas, a woman's makeup. The precision of the placement suggests an adult's efforts.

The additions become evident as such when one peers through the "coin slot," through which one can see the shafts and sharp end of the pins used to hold the beads in place (slide no. 7). These both obviate the object's original function as a coin depository and add an ominous, even menacing note to an originally cartoonish, whimsical toy. Easily overlooked, this effect manifests itself only to the viewer who attends closely to the object.

The contrast between the extensively altered facial area and the simple, unrevised modelling of the body enhances the power of this piece, concentrating attention on the visage and its mask of glittering beads and pinheads. Date unknown, estimated 2000-05. Found discarded in a trash heap outside 473 Van Duzer Street, Staten Island, New York, March 2004.


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