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Return of the Market Diner Bash (1)

On Friday, August 24, A. D. Coleman and Neal Slavin met for lunch at the Market Diner, on the corner of 11th Avenue and 43rd Street in Manhattan. While there they formally committed themselves to organizing a celebratory reunion of the members of the U.S. photo scene who had participated in an event co-hosted by Coleman and Slavin on May 14, 1972, called The Market Diner Bash.

They initiated the project by assessing the site — much redesigned but still there and functioning as an eatery, all chrome and naugahyde — over deluxe burgers and fries. This being the digital age and all, barely a gleam in anyone’s eye in ’72, they followed up with the creation of this website and development of a FileMaker Pro database of the names of the original invitees and attendees, along with a web search to locate those individuals and, whenever possible, obtain contact information for them.

Coleman and Slavin had made a previous stab at initiating this project, back in spring 2009, but life got in the way. This time they vowed to plow on undeterred. . . .

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