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Charlotte Talks with Mike Collins: A. D. Coleman and Denise Bethel

September 26, 2006

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Part 1 (13.31)

Part 2 (18.00)

A. D. Coleman, in the WFAE Charlotte (North Carolina) studio, and Denise Bethel of Sotheby's auction house via phone from New York City, discuss issues of collecting photography with WFAE host Mike Collins. Coleman was in Charlotte to participate in a panel on collecting with a former student of his, Christopher Mahoney, now of Sotheby's, an event hosted by The Light Factory. September 26, 2006, National Public Radio 90.7 WFAE, Charlotte, NC; approx. 34 minutes long. (Courtesy WFAE & Mike Collins.) Presented here in two parts as .mp3 audio files. Requires QuickTime for listening. For a free download of this utility, click here.

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