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Linda Troeller: TB-AIDS DIARY

Photo from In Jan's Studio Linda Troeller's 1988 TB-AIDS DIARY, a prophetic and empathetic photocollage response to both these plagues, made its internet debut in 1995 as part of the original version of The Nearby Café. It now returns to a permanent web home here in the Café Gallery.

Highly acclaimed and internationally circulated, this project was the first to draw the parallel between the treatment of TB sufferers in earlier times and the situation of AIDS victims in our day. Recipient of a prestigious Lucie award in 2006, most recently on view at Ryerson University in Toronto, the TB-AIDS DIARY has achieved widespread publication and exhibition. Most importantly, for almost two decades it has exemplified what Troeller called for when she premiered it: "an art that is not panic-stricken, not accusatory, and not limited to certain population groups."

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